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Peppersdegabritho Zwergschnauzer / Miniature Schnauzer
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About us

Our desire for a dog has been fulfilled rather late, only. After some of our extended family have got dogs, we could no longer hold back and were ready to share our life with a 4-legged companion.

The choice wasn't easy. We wanted a "handsome" dog who could easily join me in the office. Therefore rather a small breed, but still a "real" dog with good proportions. Funny, with good instincts and a brave heart, loving long walks as much as to cuddle in front of the TV.

It took us almost one year. Various breeds had been considered and finally dismissed. But than we came across a breed called "Miniature Schnauzer". We sent our resumee of "the perfect dog" to various breeders and came in contact with De-GabriTho Kennel. The breeder introduced us to a 5 months old Miniature Schnauzer girl which instantly hit our hearts. Less than half an hour later Granada de GabriTho "Pepper" was lying in my arms on our way home. Our new life als dog parents began - and it was wonderful.


December 13th, 2003 "Pepper" had her first litter. Six cute little puppies were lying next to our bed, changing our normal quiet live into a crazyhouse for almost three month.

Peppersdegabritho Zwergschnauzer / Miniature Schnauzer

With five puppies we had to part rather quickly and had to hand them over to their new families. Only one, the no. 1 of the litter, refused to leave the house. He had already made his mind up and soon it was clear, that Jackson de GabriTho "Jacob" would never leave the place of his birth. Thus we suddenly had a pair of miniature schnauzers and even less room in our bed.

"Pepper" and "Jacob" were regular visitors in dog school and were trained in agility and obedience. Both had achieved advanced levels in these dogsports and, especially "Pepper", was participating in various competitions on a regular basis. Unfortunately these two fantastic dogs are no more, but they've changed our live and will be in out hearts forever.

The name of the kennel "Peppersdegabritho" as well as Kevin' s (UK) Kennel "Peppergabito" have been chosen as a compliment to our beloved "Pepper". "Pepper" will always be the most important miniature schnauzer in our lives.  

It's our goal to breed first quality dogs with excellent pedigree, character and health. We choose the pedigree for our litters very carefully and are only interested in continuing and improving the quality of this breed

The raising of our puppies is done with utmost care. We want to give them the best start in live possible, to prepare them for all future impressions.

Peppersdegabritho Zwergschnauzer / Miniature Schnauzer

We want them to develop as self assured dogs with strong and good character. Love and consequent training is the secret to a fulfilled relationship between a miniature schnauzer and its owner.

It is important to us that we can release our puppies into the care of loving responsible owners where they can secure their place as a real family member. We like to keep contact to the new families. Meanwhile, most are close friends.  We are happy to be allowed to keep track of the development of our puppies.

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